Multipurpose Hall

multipurpose hall

Multi-Purpose Hall one of the biggest attractions of our College which is designed in adherence to the ultra-modern and eco-friendly specifications. It is extensively utilized as an integral domain of the College. Our Multipurpose Hall is an architecturally beautiful structure on the campus.

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Any multipurpose space should be able to handle a wide range of functions. This hall has been designed with sound and lighting systems. It has acoustically treated walls and ceilings. It is technologically integrated and easily maintained. As a great multipurpose space, the hall satisfies the needs of its assigned function – be it multimedia presentations, stage and musical productions, physical education or dining services.

The ground floor is used as an auditorium of the college. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 500 people; whereas, the rest of the floors support a wide spectrum of indoor sports activities such as, Net-Ball and Badminton.


It is important to make optimum use of this facility that extends beyond college hours. The premises are also available for hire. This huge space has been in use for both sporting events as well as for non-sports activities..

It provides a well-equipped space suitable for a wide range of activities on city’s social calendar such as regional trade-fairs, guest-lectures, workshops, carnivals, business exhibitions and poster making sessions.

Integrated Technology

This hall is able to handle several forms of technology just like any large lecture hall or classroom. Video, data and electrical outlets have been spaced. A sound system, video-projection system, cable and wireless facility are also provided herein.


As it is known, acoustic treatment can be one of the most difficult balancing acts for any multipurpose hall. At our, college we have designed a wonderful mix of utilities that accommodate voice, film and dramatic productions, microphones and the public address system. The walls and ceilings have been incorporated with perfect acoustical treatment. The hall roof configuration has been modified with a multi-tiered ceiling and highly sound absorptive materials that enhance acoustics.


More than one lighting system has been installed in our multi utility hall. In addition to serving for business meetings, exhibitions, events, the lighting system has also been able to handle performances and multimedia presentations. We have also built in performance lighting that has spotlights, light controls and a dimmer system. This immensely enhances the overall ambience of the place during any event.