Principal's Message


One ship drives east and another drives west, by the same winds that blow. It’s the set of sails not the gales that determine the way they go

      Our lead value based pioneering efforts are to synergize excellence amongst the learners and institute a cutter of inclusiveness. Our main goal is to offer multitudes of higher educational openings to empower young minds to meet the challenges of a collaborative & Competitive environment. The array of activities to tap individual talents of the building learners provides synchronous growth of their body, mind and soul. The institution provides an atmosphere conducive to acquisition of knowledge honing of life skills and inculcation of ethical values leading to development of student and self – actualization. Our pedagogy delves deeper into realms of holistic growth to prepare young minds that are able to convert challenges into opportunities. We at KCE make relentless efforts to explore, kindle and nourish the hidden potential and relent of all members of KCE Community and at the same time develop share analytical skill, creativity and innovation imbued with moral values to make each student humane in thought and action. The time that you spend in this institution during your course will have you to confidently embark upon the journey and soar a head with an outstanding take off. I compliment the luminescent efforts of my teaching and non teaching staff who sender their service from the nascent hours to the winding notes of the day Together, we aim to script a Success story for every child and surpass all records set at Scholastic and Co-scholastic levels.

Once again, I shower my affectionate greetings on the promising intellects and promise that the portals of KCE will help you realize you’re potential and become valuable Contributors to the society. Wishing everyone the best of years ahead to reach the pinnate of success and the heights of glory in all their future Endeavour’s.


Dr. Surabhi Aggarwal