ICT Resource Centre

ict lab

The college has ICT Resource Centre with internet and multimedia facilities. Laboratory is equipped with latest technology for the benefit of the students. The student can work independently on PowerPoint Projects, Excel, Spreadsheets, MS-Access, Windows and print etc.

Technological advancement has grown at an exponential rate in the past few decades. Modern day living has become completely dependent on technology which has permeated all aspects of our existence. The child of the 21st Century has proverbially been “born to it”. College have had to keep abreast with these new trends which have had an important impact on education as well. Integrating technology into the teaching learning process has been a major concern for us.

Making Education Relevant

Computer education became a part of the curriculum barely a decade ago. Initially, the computer was treated like a machine that the students learnt to switch on and off. As the size of the computer became smaller, the amount of information it could store became bigger. The potential of the computer as a disseminator of information is limitless. It has pervaded every facet of our lives. Where once it was just a machine used for calculations, today it is an extension of the books we use for learning.

It has become imperative that computer education periods be inbuilt into the weekly timetables. The school has been investing in state-of-the-art computer labs for the students. We update the technology regularly while also ensuring that the number of computers is enhanced periodically. The students get their fair share of computer time since we make certain that only two students get to work at a terminal.