Mathematics Lab


The mathematics laboratory is a unique concept in the field of mathematics education that was introduced in the year 1994. It has come a long way in enriching mathematics at primary, Secondary and senior secondary level.

The Mathematics laboratory is an integral part of regular curriculum.

Teaching of mathematics should deal with the process and not just confirm to transferring the knowledge from the mind of the teacher to note book to student.

Mathematics laboratory is a unique concept in the field of mathematics education. These labs are established in some of the schools; still the method of teaching in Mathematics laboratory is at large leads centered.

A mathematical laboratory is a place where some of the mathematics activities our carried about Mathematics laboratory should be a learning environments where many young minds decide that mathematics is more than practicing sums that the teacher assigns.

Some of our widely used mathematics Lab Equipments is base ten block, fractions, cubes, board game laminated, mathematics wooden product, measurement, number, concept, theorems etc.

What is the purpose of a mathematics Laboratory

  • To provide readily accessible rich manipulative materials.
  • To develop physical involvement in order to add new ideas to their cognitive structure.
  • To make children experience with real – world embodiments of mathematical idea.
  • To emphasis on learning by doing.