Psychological Lab


Psychological laboratories for Experiments with single humans psychological Laboratories are equipped for two purposes. Firstly for the recording of behavior and for the monitoring of mental and emotional states; secondly, for the systematic control of environmental and individual factors which influence and determine human mental and emotional state .Experiments are designed to relate measures of behavior and internal state as dependent variables to preceding or concomitant averment and individual factors as independent variables.

The first experimental psychology laboratory was opened by Wilhelm Wundt at the University of Leipzig in 179. In the nearly 150 years since, psychologists have been researching human behavior in these controlled setting with great success, garnering much insight into human behavior.

Laboratory equipment is generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurement and gather data. Large or more sophisticated equipment is generally called a scientific instrument.

The apparatus available in psychological experimental laboratories available in psychological experimental laborites varies but here is a list of common pieces of equipment:-

  1. Bhatia Battery:- Bhatia battery Test of intelligence has five sub –test sets I includes the following five subtests:-
    1. Koh’s block design test
    2. Alexander’s pass along test
    3. Pattern drawing test
    4. Immediate memory
    5. Picture construction test
  2. Mirror Manual: - The mirror test is a measure of self awareness developed Gordon Gallup Jr in 1970.
  3. Memory Drum Test: - For most of the 20th Century the memory drum was the standard American apparatus for memory research. The memory drum was a kymograph used to control the display of learning materials.
  4. Teacher Attitude Inventory: - It applied to measure teacher’s attitudes towards pupils and teaching. It consists of 150 statements measuring level of success of teacher – pupil relationship in general and the teacher’s sati faction with own profession which is named. “Attitudes toward teaching” by several authors.
  5. General Mental Ability test: - GMA test measures the general mental ability of the test takers working in a variety of individual contributor or managerial roles. This test irrespective of their educational background and job experience.
  6. Sinha Anxiety Scale: - Sinha Anxiety test (SCAT)Was Constructed based on some symptoms of anxiety that were displayed by those people who visited the institute of psychological Research and services.
  7. Mangal teacher Adjustment Inventory:- It contains 253 items which are classified in five files:-
    1. Adjustment with academic.
    2. Socio – psycho – physical adjustment.
    3. Professional relationship adjustment.
    4. Personal life adjustment.
    5. Financial adjustment and job satisfaction.
  8. Clinical case study form.
  9. Teaching aptitude Test Battery.
  10. In Kanta College of education’s psychological Lab there are varicose type of that and apparatus available according to the B.Ed. Course, which helps the students to gain knowledge and improve their psychological aspects. Around 75 test including apparatus are available in the including apparatus are available in the Lab. There are also 8 Chairs, 2 Tables, Almeria are available.