Life Science Lab

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Life Science Laboratory is a specially facility where.

Experiments are done with typically equipments. It is also facility that provides Controlled Conditions in which Scientific or technological research, Experiments and measurement may be performed. Life Science laboratory equipment will allow Students to interact direct with the data that is gathered. Pupils make use of the models. And then use of the models and then understanding the different scientific concept and theories Biological Science Apparatus enrich the quality of life in numerous ways by providing new solutions to problems in health and materials and energy usage.

- Lab Incharge:-
Astt. Prof Miss Pooja Sharma

Common Equipments in Life Science Laboratory

  1. Microscope

    Microscopes are used in viewing the specimens that are relatively very small in size they are used to view the cellular structure of argons, games, bacteria and also used to see too small organism MB which use can’s see clearly with naked eyes.

  2. Dissection Box

    Dissection allows students to see, touch and explore the various organs. Main tools of dissection Box are:-

    1. Dissection fluids
    2. Dissection forceps
    3. Dissection Pans and Pads
    4. Dissection Peeves and Pins
    5. Scalpels and Blades
    6. Dissecting Scubas
    7. Dissection Sets
  3. Preserved Specimens: - also provide verifiable data paints for monitoring long term changes in species health and distribution.
  4. Skeletal System: - Skeletal system provide whole information about different types of Bones present in human beardy.
  5. Charts: - Charts provide information related to the content and increase creativity.
  6. Chemicals: - Like Ugly Corrine, iodine Solution sodium bicarbonate testing solution, xylol also used making slides.
  7. Slides: - Slides under microscope provide brief information regarding Anatomy of the related material.
    1. Permanent slides.
    2. Plain Slides.