Chairman's Message

thakur kultar singh

Thakur Kultar Singh

Thanks you for your interest in choosing the Kanta College of Education Chalwara. In the last few years globalization and information technology has changed the educational environment to a different paradigm. Keeping in view , Kanta College of Education under the aegis of Thakur Rumal Singh memorial Education Society emphasizes to provide quality education with a mission and vision, Pupil Teachers are equipped with core values and personality development programme, apart from their regular class room curriculum.Our College of Education aims at quality education which is virtually instrumental in producing quality teachers. In fact we believe that function of education is to teach to students the simplicity of life, purity of heart, clarity of mental and spiritual vision and harmony with nature. Education must teach our students the fine adjustment which forms the secret of civilization.To fulfill these aims of education Thakur Rumal Singh Memorial Education Society has the noble mission to impart value-based education to the youth of the nation and make them stronger and enlightened. We are going to open more and more colleges in the rural areas so that the quality education may reach to the unreached. It is an homage to Mahatma Gandhi who used to say that “India lives in Villages”.It is for our such sincerity and dedication of purpose that Kanta College of Education has become the true and ideal seat of knowledge and learning where character is moulded and reverence inculcated for higher values of life.Our faculty is committed to provide excellent training and worldly experience. During Last Session college earned the name and frame from every section of society for various social and educational activities.

May God bless us in our way ahead to the service of Society.
Jai Hind