About Us

The College was established in the sacred memory of late Thakur Rumal Singh who lived in this village Chalwara. He has a vision to provide quality education to the new generation of Himachal Pradesh and develop them into very good citizen of this nation. But he was soon taken away by the cruel hands of death by leaving an idea behind. His sons took up this ‘Idea’ of his father as a Challenge and started Kanta College of Education on the name of their mother ‘Kanta’ who was equally innovative and intelligent lady like her Husband. Besides being a renowned philanthropist who always understood the pain and suffering of the poor and downtrodden and helped them in their difficulties, she equally had keen interest to do something notable in the field of Education by establishing a chain of educational institutions. The First institution of Kanta College of Education which had its first session in 2007-08.

To extend the frontiers of the knowledge of four pupil teacher. Our College makes and emphasis on practical knowledge of the subjects apart from class-room teaching. Our College has well-equipped and spacious Language lab, Educational Technology Lab, Science Lab, Psychology Lab and Computer lab. Then to widen the mental horizons of its pupil teachers, the College has a big Library rich with large amount of books related to the subjects and other realms of knowledge as well, and whereas good number of journals and dailies are subscribed to give our students the first hand knowledge of the changing face of the World and its affair. Spacious class-rooms are conducive to a perfect study environment. Latest modern visual technology such as OHP, multimedia projectors are used to aid the teaching learning process by our lecturers. Our college follows a curriculum designed to integrate knowledge and awareness of different subjects and functional areas. The ultimate aim of the curriculum is directed towards preparing our budding teachers for National and International standards. Fully confident of solving all sorts of problems in the class-rooms with a positive approach and professional competence. To complement the academic curriculum in training our student-teachers, they are taken out for picnics, Excursions and educational tours.