The infrastructure and facilities available on campus are amongst the very best. It is a wholly self-contained campus comprising of everything that students on campus would ever require.


kanta College of Education

Kanta College of Education at Chalwara promoted by Thakur Rumal Singh Memorial Education Society is a self-supported and self-financed institution. It is located Near Pong Dam Chalwara only four Kilometers from Jawali on Jawali-Guglara Road, Fourty Eight kilometers from Pathankot and Fifty Kilometers from Dharamshala.


The objective of this society is to develop nucleus campus that should impart quality teacher education to the young ones of Himachal Pradesh and other states by moulding their inherent talents into skilled teacher which is the need of the highly competitive and dynamic World. The Student-Teacher in the institute are encourage to strive for Excellence not only academic but also in sports and Co-curricular activities. Kanta College of Education wants to bring about a revolution in the field of Education. and it is a that stands for total and meaningful education.

 It provides training to Student-Teachers to facilitate their professional growth as teachers. At this temple of Education, we aim at producing highly competent and skilled teachers who are required for the ever changing needs of the Society.To extend the frontiers of the knowledge of four pupil teacher. Our College makes and emphasis on practical knowledge of the subjects apart from class-room teaching.